Exit Interview Format Template

exit interview template concept

An exit interview template ensures your exit interview process is consistent and provides valuable information from employees as they leave the company. You can use the feedback to discover areas for improving your organisation's employee experience.

What should you not say in an exit interview?

Things you should never say during an exit interview

  • 'My boss was the worst because '
  • 'I never really liked [coworker],' or, '[Name] was never very nice to me'
  • 'I was really amazing at this job,' or, 'Good luck running this business without me'
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  • What should be included in an exit interview?
    Include positive elements of your experience at the organization — what you liked and appreciated most about the job, your team, and the organization. Just as individuals need to hear positive feedback to know what they should continue doing, so do organizations.

    Can you decline an exit interview?

    You may feel obligated to accept an invitation for an exit interview from a senior staff member or human resources representative, however, it's professionally acceptable to decline without facing any consequences from your current employer. via

    What are good exit Questions?

  • Why did you begin looking for a new job?
  • What ultimately led you to accept the new position?
  • Did you feel that you were equipped to do your job well?
  • How would you describe the culture of our company?
  • Can you provide more information, such as specific examples?
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    Can I ask for an exit interview?

    Getting an Exit Interview Invitation

    Employees can also place a request to return for an interview via an exit interview letter or email of their own. If you're leaving of your own accord, the process of requesting an exit interview can be as simple as checking a box requesting the meeting on an exit form. via

    What should you not say to HR?

    10 Things You Should Never Tell HR

  • Leaving While on Leave.
  • Lying to Get Leave Extensions.
  • Lying About Your Qualifications.
  • Changes in Your Partner's Career.
  • Moonlighting.
  • Lawsuits You've Filed Against Employers.
  • Health Issues.
  • Personal Life Issues.
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    What does HR do with exit interviews?

    No matter how short or lengthy your interview was, HR reviews each and every piece of information you shared. According to King, HR teams at many organizations take the data and redact any identifying information like names or dates. Then, they do an analysis on a quarterly or annual basis looking for trends. via

    Should you be honest in your exit interview?

    An employer is also documenting what is said, so it is important to carefully consider what you want in your file and be as constructive with criticism as possible, she adds. “You can be as honest as you care to be, but you have to be professional,” Ms. Oates says. via

    How long should an exit interview take?

    Most exit interviews are conducted long after an employee has disengaged. Recommendations about the optimal length of an EI vary. Some executives believe it should be kept to an hour, with the option of continuing should the conversation merit it. Others recommend up to 90 minutes. via

    What did you find most satisfying about your job exit interview?

    Example: “I have worked here for a long time, and this company has provided me with valuable skills and learning opportunities. I have enjoyed working here, but I feel that with my expertise and career goals, I am a better fit for a new position. via

    What to say to an employee who is leaving?

    Messages to a departing coworker

  • “Congratulations on your new job.
  • “Congratulations on a job well done!
  • “I've learned a lot from working with you over the years.
  • “It was an honor to work with a coworker who was committed to their success and their coworkers.
  • “We will remember you with warm thoughts and memories.
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    Are HR exit interviews confidential?

    Everything discussed during exit interviews must be kept confidential. HR should assure exiting employees that interview records are confidential. HR should tell employees how they'll present results to management (e.g. in aggregate form or anonymous feedback.) via

    Is exit interview required by law?

    Exit interviews are not legally required, but they can help put companies on notice of potential lawsuits. For example, at exit interviews, employees may be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding trade secrets and employer data. This is most commonly done with regard to terminated employees. via

    Do you give resignation letter to HR or manager?

    Your resignation letter will only go to your manager or human resources, so consider whether you would like to send a goodbye message to your coworkers. You can send a farewell email to colleagues a day or two before leaving so they have enough time to respond and ask any transition questions. via

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    “In general, most employers want to know what you liked about your job and the company and what you would change if you could. But keep it simple.” Be sure to mention how much you learned there and why both you and the company benefited from your time as an employee.

    You may feel obligated to accept an invitation for an exit interview from a senior staff member or human resources representative, however, it's professionally acceptable to decline without facing any consequences from your current employer.