1 Promotional Brochure Template

Don't ignore the basics when creating a brochure; it should include standard information, such as company name, at least two types of contact information, a logo and tagline. It should also include a headline on the front and two or three brief items outlining benefits your organization can provide.

How do I make a brochure template?

  • Open Microsoft Word. Open up the Microsoft Word application on your computer.
  • Search “brochure”
  • Select a template.
  • Customize the brochure.
  • 'Save As'
  • Open a new document in Microsoft Word.
  • Change orientation and margins.
  • Choose columns.
  • What is brochure template?
    A brochure is an informative paper document (often also used for advertising) that can be folded into a template, pamphlet, or leaflet. A brochure is usually folded and only includes summary information that is promotional in character.

    What are the elements of a brochure?

    5 Essential Elements every brochure must have

  • Attention grabbing headlines.
  • Points of differences.
  • Make your brochure educational.
  • Back up your claims with hard evidence.
  • Make your reader want to take action.
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    How do I make a good brochure?

  • Know your objective like the back of your hand.
  • Know your customers.
  • Be creative, be unique.
  • Practice font restraints.
  • Go straight to the point.
  • Avoid big words.
  • Design for your readers.
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    How do you make a brochure stand out?

  • Give them something unexpected. Instead of producing a standard A4 or A5 brochure, think outside the box a bit and give your customers something they won't be expecting.
  • Make it high quality.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Get the imagery right.
  • Tell a story.
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    What are the types of brochure?

    Let's have a look.

  • Half Fold. This fold generally takes the long end of the sheet and folds it in half.
  • Letter Fold (Tri-Fold) In this fold, one slightly shorter panel tucks inside the fold of the other two panels.
  • Z Fold.
  • Open Gate Fold.
  • Four-Panel Parallel Fold.
  • Closed Gate Fold.
  • Accordion Fold.
  • Roll Fold.
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    Is there a brochure template on Google Docs?

    Google Docs offers a number of free brochure Google Docs from within Google Drive. To access them, open Google Docs. Under File > New, select From template. You'll find several free Google brochure templates, including the one pictured above. via

    How can I make a brochure template for free?

  • Open Canva. Open Canva on your desktop or launch the app to get started.
  • Explore templates. Find the perfect template for your needs.
  • Customize your brochures.
  • Add more design elements.
  • Order your prints.
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    Where can I find brochure templates in Word?

    To access a brochure template, open Word and go to FILE > NEW. There you will see a section titled “Available Templates” and underneath it a section titled “Office.com Templates.” In the search bar, search “brochure” and choose the design you like the best! via

    Does Word have a brochure template?

    The easiest way to create a brochure in any version of Microsoft Word is to start with a template, which has the columns and placeholders configured. In the Search for Online Templates text box, type brochure, then press Enter. Choose the style you want and select Create to download the template. via

    Can you make a brochure on word?

    The easiest way to create a brochure is by using one of the many available templates that Word has to offer. To get started with a template, open a new document, type “Brochure” in the template search box, then press the “Enter” key. Word's large library of brochure templates will appear. Select one that you like. via

    What is the best free brochure maker?

    Following is 8 best free online brochure maker software that will help you to create incredible and promotional brochures.

  • FlipHTML5 (strongly recommended)
  • PubHTML5.
  • AnyFlip.
  • Fivver.
  • Softonic.
  • Canva.
  • FlipCreator.
  • Instant Flipbook.
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    What is a good brochure?

    A brochure should be clear, attractive, and brief. Before starting the design process, consider: Grab attention. If the brochure is in a rack among many, it has to stand out. via

    What are brochure mainly used for?

    A brochure, also known as a pamphlet, is an informational paper that is mainly used for advertising. A brochure is a single piece of paper that can be folded in many different ways, with summary information regarding an organization, company, product, service, etc., printed on either side of it. via

    What are the 8 key of a brochure design elements?

    8 Key Brochure Design Elements

  • Command Attention With the Cover.
  • Attract Attention With Compelling Text.
  • Set the Tone With Color.
  • Choose the Right Font and Font Size.
  • Use White Space Strategically.
  • Organize With Boxes.
  • Choose an Appropriate Fold.
  • Bring the Brochure to Life with Photographs.
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    What are the 4 things that make an effective brochure?

    Here are 7 things that you need to consider for effective brochure design.

  • Determine your purpose.
  • Know your brochure folds.
  • Review your copy.
  • Choose your fonts.
  • Know your paper stock and coating.
  • Use high resolution photos.
  • Include a call-to-action.
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    What makes a good trifold brochure?

    Make sure your trifold brochure has ample white space

    Instead, it should have some white space so people can navigate the page easily. White space is the open space around text, in between columns, and in between images on a page. Leaving enough white space makes a page look better, and makes it easier to read. via

    What size is a brochure?

    The standard brochure sizes are 8.5” x 11”, 8.5” x 14”, 5.5” x 8.5”, 9” x 12”, 11” x 17”, and 11” x 25.5”. The size that you should pick for your brochure will depend on your content. Effective brochure marketing relies on the harmony of the design as well. But how do you start creating effective brochures? via

    How do you make a unique brochure?

  • Think simple.
  • Consider functionality.
  • Create impact with simple shapes.
  • Keep it linear.
  • Reflect graphics physically.
  • Be creative with your inserts.
  • Think outside the 'pamphlet'
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    What is the first page of a brochure?

    Section 1: This first section is the front flap of the folded brochure. Usually this outside front cover includes an image, the name of the company, and a strong message that entices the reader to open the brochure and continue reading for more information. via

    What do you call a four fold brochure?

    What Is an Accordion Fold Brochure? The accordion fold divides your brochure into four panels which fold on top of one another, like an accordion. via

    What are the two types of brochure?


  • Gate-Fold. These brochures are used quite seldom because they are a little expensive than the traditional brochure graphic designs.
  • Bi-Fold. This is the most commonly used brochure type among companies.
  • Tri-Fold. This brochure is exactly what the name suggests.
  • Z-Fold.
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    Can a flyer be a brochure?

    And whereas a flyer is generally 8.5" x 11", brochures are offered in a variety of standard or custom sizes. Flyers and Brochures have different characteristics but they are both important marketing tools which can be used by any business or organization. via

    How do you make a brochure template on Google Docs?


    How do you get a brochure template on Google Slides?


    How do you create a brochure on Google Docs?


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    Remember these five things to include on your brochure:

  • Compelling Image. Your brochure needs something to grab a potential customer's attention, and an image is often what does the trick.
  • The Purpose of the Brochure. A brochure shouldn't present a person with a mystery.
  • Contact Information.
  • Time and Date.
  • Call to Action.
  • 5 Essential Elements every brochure must have

  • Attention grabbing headlines.
  • Points of differences.
  • Make your brochure educational.
  • Back up your claims with hard evidence.
  • Make your reader want to take action.