1 Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

  • Do Your Research.
  • Do a Comparative Market Analysis for a List Price Range.
  • Have a Professional Listing Marketing Package Prepared.
  • Know Your Strengths and Be Ready to Communicate Them.
  • If It's a Feature Service, Have a Demo If Possible.
  • What is a property listing presentation?

    The listing presentation, as you know, is your opportunity to explain your sales process and approach to a customer in a way that will persuade them to choose you to represent them as their real estate agent. You need to be able to communicate with them in a way that they will understand and appreciate.

    What is the listing presentation?
    A listing presentation is a free, no-obligation presentation that highlights how the agent will prepare and market your home for sale, and why you should work with that broker. The agent will take the time to justify their suggested list price. Listing agents, also known as seller's agents, work with home sellers.

    How do you crush a listing presentation?

  • Research, practice, and research again. This step is number one for a reason.
  • Reinvigorate your listing slide deck.
  • Design a knockout leave-behind listing package.
  • Most importantly, intend to close the listing every time.
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    What is a listing presentation kit?

    Delivering a Pre-Listing Kit (also known as a PLK) in person, via email or post is a lot like providing a CV before a job interview. Pre-Listing Kits provide potential sellers with all the information they need to know about dealing with you and your real estate agency. via

    What are a listing agents responsibilities?

    Listing Agent Job Overview

    They know the local real estate market, inspect and appraise homes to determine fair market value, write and give listing presentations to provide sellers with a report of their findings, and market and stage properties for sale to attract potential buyers. via

    What information would you need to gather before listing a property for sale?

    Record basic details

  • Listing agent details. Listing agent's name. Listing agent's phone number.
  • Client details. Client name. Client phone number.
  • Property details. Property address line 1 (street address) Property address line 2 (apartment, suite, unit)
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    How do you win a listing presentation?

  • Ask questions. Sellers want to feel heard by you.
  • Let them ask questions.
  • Bring the value from the get-go.
  • Be informative, not aggressive.
  • Illustrate your qualifications.
  • Prepare for objections.
  • Give them a process overview.
  • Give them an overview of your business.
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    What is a listing package?

    A pre-listing package is a robust document that provides all the details sellers would want to know about you and how you plan to sell their home. Traditionally, the pre-listing package is sent to sellers after a pre-listing meeting has been scheduled but before it takes place. via

    Do real estate agents have to do presentations?

    According to the California Bureau of Real Estate [soon to be called the Department of Real Estate (DRE)], included in the scope of this fiduciary duty is the timely presentation of all offers and counteroffers, unless otherwise directed to do so by the principal. via

    What can hold up settlement?

    Why might settlement be delayed?

  • Bank mix-ups and processing delays. Issues with a bank could cause either the buyer or the seller to delay settlement.
  • Final inspection issues.
  • Difficulty selling another property.
  • Late or incorrect documentation.
  • Valuations.
  • Seller delays.
  • Other issues.
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    How long should listing presentations be?


    What is the most common reason a home fails to sell?

    The most common reason a property fails to sell is an unreasonable asking price by the seller. An asking price that's too high is the surest way to increase your days on market and have a "non-starter" listing that buyers simply ignore. via

    What goes over in a listing presentation?

    15 Things You Should Bring to Your Listing Appointment

  • A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)
  • Your range of value.
  • A handful of client success stories.
  • Multiple net sheets.
  • Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • An eye-catching listing presentation.
  • Confidence.
  • Business Cards.
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    How do you present a CMA to a client?


    How do you call seller leads?


    How do you stand out in a listing presentation?

  • #2. Show 'em the numbers. Numbers are compelling — particularly statistics about the seller's local market.
  • #3. Customize the presentation.
  • #4. Show off your tech-savvy skills.
  • #5. Be polished.
  • #6. Close with a script.
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    How do you make a successful listing appointment?

  • Get As Many Details Over The Phone.
  • Complete a Comparative Market Analysis.
  • 3. '
  • Ask 3 Other Agents to Give You A Valuation.
  • Speak To 3 Other Agents That Recently Sold a Home in The Neighborhood.
  • Drop Off Pre-Listing Package.
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    How do I get more listing appointments?

  • Unlearn the myth that taking listings is a skill.
  • Shift your mindset.
  • Make one listing appointment each day.
  • Don't manufacture motivation …
  • Institute Follow-Up Wednesdays (or another day of the week of your choice).
  • Publish one “I have a buyer post” per week on your social channels.
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    What should be included in a listing kit?

  • Agency presentation document.
  • Information on the landlord's responsibility for safety in the property.
  • Brochures and sign up forms for any smoke alarm and safety maintenance services.
  • Landlord Insurance information.
  • Vacating checklist.
  • Examples of advertising.
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    What are the two 2 documents you should include in your listing presentation kit?

    This presentation package contains two documents – firstly, an easy to follow chart that will enable you to take your vendor through each of the ten steps required from listing through to settlement and secondly, a leave behind document which summarises the advice that you have provided to the vendor during your via

    How do I create a pre-listing package?

  • Your biography.
  • Testimonials from your clients.
  • Information about your brokerage.
  • A complete marketing plan.
  • Affiliations and distribution channels.
  • Examples of your digital and print marketing materials.
  • Market statistics.
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    What is a real estate listing agent?

    A listing agent is a real estate professional who represents the seller in a real estate transaction. As the name suggests, the listing agent lists the home for sale and works on the seller's behalf to sell the home at a price and under terms that are best for their client. via

    Which purchase agreements are contingent on which two items?

    Most Purchase Agreements are Contingent on What Two Items

    The two contingencies most real estate contracts are contingent upon are the financing contingency and the inspection contingency. via

    What are the fiduciary duties in real estate?

    A fiduciary is someone who holds the character of the trustee. The law considers real estate agents and salespeople to be fiduciaries, so they have a duty to act for the benefit of the person who employs them. via

    What should you not fix when selling a house?

  • Cosmetic flaws.
  • Minor electrical issues.
  • Driveway or walkway cracks.
  • Grandfathered-in building code issues.
  • Partial room upgrades.
  • Removable items.
  • Old appliances.
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    What are the most common methods of selling property?

    Each method has its pros and cons, and which one you pick can significantly affect how well your house sells. The three most common ways to sell are auction, private treaty, and expression of interest (EOI). via

    What is the first step to selling your home?

  • Hire an agent who knows the market.
  • Set a timeline for selling your home.
  • Get a pre-sale home inspection.
  • Don't waste money on needless upgrades.
  • Get professional photos.
  • Put your house on the market.
  • Set a realistic price.
  • Review and negotiate offers.
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    Images for 1 Real Estate Listing Presentation Template

  • The Goal of the Presentation.
  • Plan to succeed.
  • Ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers.
  • Position yourself as the local expert.
  • Highlight your marketing plan for the client's home.
  • Showcase why you're the right agent for the job.
  • Research, practice, and research again. This step is number one for a reason.
  • Reinvigorate your listing slide deck.
  • Design a knockout leave-behind listing package.
  • Most importantly, intend to close the listing every time.